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The founders of Matador Corporation are skilled professionals when it comes to providing Ag and Industrial solutions. Whether trying to increase yield in Agriculture or creating fluid control efficiency in Industrial Processes, Matador will find the solution that works best for you. Representing top-line domestic and global manufacturers known for product quality, efficiency in delivery, and service excellence, Matador provides a value package we believe to be unique and game changing. Add in our daily mission to bring passion and integrity to everything we do, and you have a compelling recipe for 'bottom line' success.

Jeff Goad - co-Founder and CEO 

We have you covered

Products – Precision Ag, 360 Yield Center Solutions, Crop Savers, Tips, Tanks, Pumps, and Integrated Systems

Quality – We provide the highest quality products because we understand the importance quality and performance have on your business and how it ultimately affects your bottom line

Expertise – Our team has 20+ years of experience in Flow Control applications

Location – In the heart of the US for both Agricultural and Industrial markets, Matador is located near Indianapolis, Indiana.

What’s in a name - MATADOR

The success of a Matador depends on his ability to find a solution. In today's modern world and in this spirit, Matador Corporation relies on the very same principle. When a challenge arises, we use our strengths, experiences, and expertise to find the winning solution.