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Minimum spray drift – Maximum spray contact

  • Proven, effective spray tip used internationally for over 25 years.
  • Superior coverage, even dispersion, and consistent droplet size.
  • Reduces number of small, driftable droplets and creates air bubbles in larger droplets.
  • No wasting expensive chemical products.
  • Less affected by wind, more spraying day opportunities.
  • Reduces spray drift up to 75 percent according to independent research.
  • Less than two percent driftable droplets (100 microns) compared to 20 percent with conventional nozzles.
  • Wide range of situations, excellent at both low- and high-water rates.
  • Wide range of sizes provides flexible application rates.
  • Fits any standard nozzle holders easy to fit, clean, and remove.


Specifically designed agricultural spray nozzles that produce a uniform droplet spectrum are designed to minimize spray drift and optimize product efficacy. They have been field tested and proven for over 25 years.
Why use them? 
Spray drift leads to serious economic, environmental, and safety problems with conventional sprayer nozzles droplets.

Droplets may range from 50 to 350 microns in size producing over 20 percent in drifted chemical. The Bubble Jets consistently sprays 200 to 550 microns with less than two percent in drifted droplets. This uniform droplet spectrum ensures optimal leaf coverage to enhance chemical efficiency.

How are they used? 

Simply fitted to a standard nozzle body on the spray boom of any crop sprayer. Optimum operating pressure is 40 to 60 psi, with an overall range of 20 to 90 psi. This is the ideal selection when applying low volumes.

How does it work?

  • The liquid being sprayed passes through a removable tapered nozzle (A) which accelerates the liquid and projects the flow into the tapered opening of the venturi (B).
  • This creates a vacuum that causes air to be sucked in through the slots marked (C).
  • The mixture of air and liquid is compressed as it passes through the mixing chamber (D) and is then sprayed through the fan nozzle (E).
  • The emitted spray contains large droplets filled with air bubbles, but virtually no fine, drift-prone droplets.
  • The droplets explode on impact with the target to produce similar coverage to conventional finer sprays.




An Air Bubble Jet without air inclusion that is used on sprayers equipped with CASE AIM Command, Sharpshooter, or Hawkeye.

Why use them?

The sprayers listed above limit you to using larger sized, conventional nozzles. These produce a fine spray at a high pressure, which creates a considerable amount of drift. When pressure is reduced, larger droplets are formed, or a coarse spray pattern occurs, resulting in reduced coverage and control. Easy Jet produces a droplet spectrum of 200 to 550 microns meaning less than two percent in drifted chemical and a consistent sprayer pattern even at the optimum range of 40 to 60 psi.

How are they used?

Fitted into an existing cap and gasket, they are used at an ideal pressure of 40 to 60 psi, with an overall range of 20 to 90 psi.



Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Will I sacrifice weed control (even grassy weeds) using the Air Bubble Jets trying to control drift?

A: No. Because of the uniform droplet sizing (200 to 550 microns) you have more product going towards the target in droplet sizes capable of staying on the plant.
Q: Will the Air Bubble Jet work with all chemicals and crops?
A: Yes! Having spent five years in testing before being introduced to the market 12 years ago, it was tested on chemicals and crops with great success. Farmers and their crops, chemicals, and their money were not put at risk in hopes that it would work properly.
Q: Do the Air Bubble Jets require high pressures to operate (for satisfactory coverage) even though they are considered a low-pressure nozzle?
A: No. They are designed to operate at peak efficiency between 30 to 45 psi (total range of 20 to 90 psi).
Q: What changes do I need to make to my sprayer to accommodate the Air Bubble Jets?
A: If you currently use Tee Jet nozzle bodies and caps, then the Air Bubble Jets will conveniently fit into your existing hardware (Tee Jet Quick cap# QJ25611)?
Q: If I currently use Combo Jet nozzles can I convert to Air Bubble Jet?
A: Use Combo Jet Cap # 40269 (approximate cost is $1.00 cdn with gasket).
Q: Do the air holes plug. and if they do, what happens?
A: Tests have proven that because of the small volume of air required, should they plug, which is extremely rare, the only change will be that there are not pockets of air in the droplet, meaning there is extremely little reduction of coverage, the flow rate stays the same, the droplet size remains within five percent, and the fan angle are the same.
Q: Are wind screens, curtains, or cones compatible?
A: Yes. As these products are designed to contain driftable particles, the Air Bubble Jets prevent them resulting in much less chemical dripping off of the screen.
Q: Are they effective on pull type, as well as high-clearance sprayers?
A: There are benefits of the Air Bubble Jets on either type of sprayer!
TRY THIS: When installing the Air Bubble Jets, outfit half of the boom and then spray water to compare against your present nozzles.