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Individual Nozzle Control - Achieves new dimensions and precision in Crop Protection


Using GPS, the Smart Nozzle System allows the control of each individual nozzle on the spray line. Each Nozzle is a section. This technology – created in 2005 by Harrison Ag Technologies and field tested since – provides excellent accuracy and efficiency.

The Smart Nozzle system is modular and versatile. Not only is it easy to install, but it can be installed on all sprayer types – self-propelled, trailer, and tractor mounted. New or used. 

  • Ability to do variable rate control in each nozzle.
  • Stress-free spraying: Eliminates foam markers, radar guns, and other boom shut off controls.
  • Saves maps from one spray trip to the next.
  • Turn sprayer on and shut off only when finished.
  • Works with any current GPS system.
  • Works with existing modulating nozzle systems.
  • Long term improvement of soil quality.
  • Environmentally friendly due to reduction in chemicals used.
  • The application rate is determined by the HD prescription map, in addition to the speed and direction of travel.


  • Reduction in overlaps results in chemical application savings more than 10 percent.
  • In addition, by filling the sprayer with the volume of chemical required, less is wasted in washing out operations.
  • Increased accuracy during liquid fertilizer application reduces the possibility of crop damage from over/under application.
  • Can pay for itself in one spray session


Ian Wilson - Three Seasons Strong

"We no longer send excess chemical back to the manufacturer, as we only buy the quantities we need. We were expecting the reductions in overlaps to bring slight savings in chemical applications of around four to five percent, but the savings we have seen are a minimum of 10 percent."  

Giles Swift – Four Seasons strong

"My original objective in purchasing the SMART NOZZLE SYSTEM was to reduce the unacceptable spray overlap caused as my sprayer, an Alanco Spray-Ranger, which had only three sections on a 18-m boom. Now into my fourth season, we have seen our chemical use reduced by 13 to 14 percent. The initial cost of the system was recouped in less than three years on a 500-acre farm. An unexpected benefit of the system was the sheer ease of use in field with the SMART NOZZLE SYSTEM taking care of all the nozzle switching. Prior to the start of this season, we have upgraded our system to the latest Android tablet. This is very user friendly and the new guidance added to the system is the business! The system can be transferred fairly easily should the sprayer be changed."

Richard Day – Five Seasons strong

"This is our second SMART NOZZLE SYSTEM, the original system we had fitted to a nine-year-old trailed Knight laser sprayer. We have a lot of irregular-shaped fields, so it is very difficult to avoid “double dosing,” which was easy to spot after liquid nitrogen applications by the Vs that we had in the field. The savings on chemical, time, operator fatigue, and reduced crop damage, made it an easy decision when we purchased a new Hardi Navigator two years ago to have the latest Android/Bluetooth SMART NOZZLE SYSTEM fitted."