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Get more from the equipment you already own.  #BuildMyYield

Unique products designed to help you get more out of the equipment you already own.  Products designed with the concept that your return on investment is less than 2 seasons. Depending on the product, these solutions can be used in Planting and Spraying.  Be sure to get the most out of your equipment and opportunities because every pass matters.

All Custom Application Systems require a quote.  Please contact Matador at 317-678-7360

  • 360 BULLET

    360 BULLET

    Unlock soil nutrients with 360 BULLET® Ripper Point. MAXIMUM FRACTURE 360 BULLET shatters the soil profile from shank to shank, leaving an even sub-soil profile, unlike traditional ripper points. Every pass counts. READY TO RIP 360 BULLET ripper...

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  • 360 SOIL SCAN measures all your Nitrogen when you need the right information. 360 SOIL SCAN is durable and mobile

    360 SOIL SCAN

      PRICING GUIDE PDF MEASURE NITRATE LEVELS TO MAXIMIZE NITROGEN EFFICIENCY - Don’t guess how much nitrogen you have left in your soil – know. 360 SOILSCAN is a portable soil testing system that lets you accurately test nitrate...

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  • 360 Y-DROP with UNDERCOVER 360 Y-DROP Nitrogen Placement in Row


    Standard System  - PRICING GUIDE PDF 60ft Boom, 30" Spacing, 23 drops, recommended component lengths) includes System includes: SMP, Breakaways, Risers, Hoses, Base Units, Drag Hoses Orifices, and Nozzles Models include: John Deere...

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    BETTER UPTAKE, REDUCED MAINTENANCE Where you place nitrogen is just as important as when you place it. Upgrade your coulter bar with 360 Y-DROP SIDE DRESS and get precise nitrogen placement well into V6 for more flexibility and bigger yields. UPGRADE...

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  • Smart Nozzle System At a Glance Smart Nozzle System At a Glance


    Individual Nozzle Control saves up to 15% in Input Costs by reducing over and under spray. Smart Nozzle System price varies based on boom size and row spacing.  Choose Options for adjusted prices Using GPS, the Smart Nozzle System allows the...

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