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When plants aren’t healthy nitrogen utilization can be limited and yields suffer. With 360 UNDERCOVER, you can target your fungicide, insecticide, and nutrient application where it is needed most – under the crop canopy.


360 UNDERCOVER mounts easily to your 360 Y-DROP riser and glides smoothly through the field for targeted fungicide, insecticide, and nutrient applications. It also allows for multiple nozzle choices for adjusting the application speed and pressure accordingly.

  • Each unit operates up to four multi-directional spray nozzles
  • Multiple nozzle types can be used for customized spray pattern and droplet size
  • Ability to gain 150-degree horizontal spray application side by side
  • Special shell design for better nozzle protection
  • Vertical positioning to match the crop’s growth stage
  • Ideal for simultaneous application of nitrogen and fungicide/insecticide in dual tank sprayers
  • Can be used in corn, seed corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, and sugar beets



Protect your crops from late-season disease and insect infestations by applying protection where it is most effective. The 360 UNDERCOVER surrounds the ear leaf and upper canopy, attacking the target from the top, sides, and bottom.


  • HIT THE TARGET: The 360 UNDERCOVER lets you take direct aim at the target by adjusting nozzle height, nozzle pattern, and coverage pattern.
  • LESS WASTE: The 360 UNDERCOVER allows for direct foliar applications of fungicides/insecticides/plant nutrients to the crop, not the row middles.
  • BETTER COVERAGE: The 360 UNDERCOVER provides better coverage with less carrier volume (12-18 GPA).
  • ADD VALUE TO YOUR SPRAYER ASSET: Extend the season for your applicator. No need to hire custom aerial application services. The 360 UNDERCOVER can be mounted to a self-propelled sprayer or other applicators for flexibility.
  • ADD 360 Y-DROP: The mount package used for the 360 UNDERCOVER can be used to carry the 360 Y-DROP system. This is a low-cost decision to add even more value to your applicator investment.
  • PROTECTION: The breakaway mounting bracket reduces the risks from ground impact.
  • Set monitor in cab to reconfigure section control. The discharge distance from your receiver is likely further back than your standard nozzle distance.
  • Recommend using tip screens (100 mesh) to filter any debris that may be carried in the solution.  The use of multiple nozzles per row generally requires small orifices, couple this with likely spraying insecticides/fungicides, means you want to avoid cleaning nozzles. In addition to applying via 360 UNDERCOVER, an additional nozzle can be used at the OEM boom to add coverage to top of canopy in tall/dense canopies.
  • For applications in soybean canopies: Utilize nozzles on the left- and right-hand outlets of the 360 UNDERCOVER manifold. Additionally, use the position pointing straight back, which allows for the "painting" of the crop as the sides pass and “fill in the gaps” with the nozzle facing rearward.
  • For applications in corn: When applying in a “shaded” canopy, use the side nozzle positions and the “upward” position of the manifold. The sides will “paint” as they pass by the row and the “upward” position covers the underside of leaves and projects coverage into the upper canopy. 
  • Nozzle selection can vary depending on the application, however, the 360 Yield Center generally recommends a wide-angle, flat-pattern nozzle (Turbo Tee jet/Guardian) in the side positions, and a twin orifice (Turbo Twinjet/ Guardian Air Twin) in the center position to maximize coverage. Use orifices with a wide pressure range to accommodate changes in speed and volume.



  • 360 UNDERCOVER IN CORN Ground applications of fungicides and insecticides in corn historically have required high volumes (20+ GPA) to penetrate the canopy and reach the ear leaf. The 360 UNDERCOVER has the advantage of already being in the target area for disease development by running just above the ear leaf. Many diseases start low in the canopy, by applying from “within” the canopy, lower carrier volumes (12-18 GPA) can be utilized, which decreases the number of fills and increases application efficiency. Carrier rates will be influenced by how many nozzle positions are being used including the OEM nozzle position. Size nozzles with a target of 40-50 psi at desired operating speed. Most nozzles have optimized patterns in this pressure range. Creating the correct pattern is a more important method of getting coverage than using ultra-high pressures.
  • 360 UNDERCOVER IN SOYBEANS Utilizing the side and lower middle ports, position 360 UNDERCOVER just below the canopy. The unit passing through will “open up” the canopy allowing application to the interior surfaces of the plant.
  • The OEM boom nozzle position can be utilized in soybeans, as well, to get coverage to the top of the plant, where new trifoliate may be developing.
  • Positive results have been seen in all soybean row widths despite 360 UNDERCOVER typically being mounted on 30-inch centers. Coverage into the canopy where diseases start is a key to higher returns.
  • Tests indicate that applying nutrients to both sides of the plant increases the rate of nutrient uptake.